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Watch What Happens When A Man Jumps Into A Stranger’s Car; Police In Complete SHOCK

Featured Image via Associated Press
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There are many safety hazards when driving on the road. Whether it’s using a blinker before turning, coming to a complete stop when presented with a stop sign, or giving pedestrians the right of way – most drivers try their best to obey the law and avoid the police. Key word: MOST drivers.

Typically, when someone witnesses a car driving on the wrong side of the road, the initial reaction would be: “this person is on drugs” followed by a quick 911 call. Well, this witness approached the scene in a completely different way.

In this case, the driver was having an intense seizure and Illinois man Randy Tompkins realized that, so he jumped through an open window into the car to save his life.

It only took a matter of seconds for Tompkins to take control of the car, long enough for police and paramedics to step in.
Watch the heroic man’s jump courtesy of Associated Press, below: 

Next time you encounter someone driving as though they are under the influence, take a closer look because that second glance could be a life or death situation.




Featured Image via Associated Press 

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