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5-year Old Boy Goes Missing During Las Vegas Shooting, Social Media Spring’s in Action

Boy Goes Missing Las Vegas Shooting
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‘My child went missing. I didn’t know what to do.’

The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas has caused an unimaginable amount of sorrow, fear, and disaster for families across the country. As the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, those who died or were injured are in the hearts and minds of almost everybody in the country. But what about the survivors who have to deal with what they saw and went through?

Five-year-old Aden Huser was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival with several members of his family: his mom, sister, and aunt.

Right before the shooting began, his mother, Doris, took his older sister to the bathroom. Aden was left with his aunt. But as soon as the first shots were fired, chaos erupted everywhere.

Aden was separated from his mom and his sister, and he knew he wanted to find them immediately.

Although he was left with his aunt, he was soon separated from her, as well. With so much going on around them, it suddenly became very hard for family members and friends to keep track of each other. Since Aden was so young, he quickly became confused about what was happening.

Luckily, that’s when a stranger saw the little boy by himself.

Lindsey Rogers, 26, was the one to find Aden. He was standing by himself and looking lost, so she knew that she had to take action. And it’s a great thing that she did. If not, this little boy might not have been able to find his family in the midst of the chaos.

Once they left the area, Lindsey and her friend were able to take a quick picture of the boy and posted it to social media.

They wanted to make sure his family would be able to find him right away. And luckily, they did. A family member found the photo, and Aden was reunited with his mother, sister, and aunt.

It’s hard to imagine the kind of fear that was going through his mother’s mind. When Doris finally got to see her son again, she said they hugged, and it was like they became one for a moment. She just couldn’t let him go after everything that had happened.

Doris also took to social media to thank the woman who rescued her son.

She posted a picture that shows the woman with the fully intact family and showed her sincere gratitude toward Rogers and her friends that helped her that night.

When a tragedy happens, it is typical for the media to focus on the worst of the worst. Oftentimes, this means rehashing details about the perpetrator of the crime, how many people were injured, or the policies that have allowed such actions to take place.

However, stories like the Husers’ can remind us all that these horrible tragedies are a real part of people’s lives.

This is not an event any member of the Huser family or Lindsey and her friends will forget anytime soon.

In fact, the Huser family has set up a GoFundMe page to help Aden and his sister, Cordelia, get counseling to help them process this tragedy.

However, even when something as awful as the Vegas shooting happens, there are still positive stories about how people often do the right thing and do their best to help others. And it is comforting to know that there are always others out there willing to lend a helping hand.

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