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The Creepiest Facts About China

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#1. Police Geese


The authorities in Xinjiang have started using geese instead of police dogs. “Among all poultry, geese [are known] for being extremely vigilant and having excellent hearing,” Zhang Quansheng, a Chinese police chief said. “In some ways, they are more useful than dogs. A household normally keeps one dog [but] an intruder can throw a drugged bun to kill the dog. Geese are normally kept in groups and they have poor eyesight at night making it very difficult for intruders to [poison them].”


#2. Urine Egg’s


Urine eggs. And they are a delicacy believed to have medicinal benefits including increased circulation of the blood. It’s not just a name, it’s quite literal: Eggs are boiled for an entire day in the urine of boys under the age of 10.


#3. Population Control


If you haven’t heard, up until recently most couples in China were only allowed to have one child because of their exploding and overwhelming population. But did you know that (married) couples have to apply for and be approved for a Family Planning Certificate three months before or after the pregnancy?


#4. Drive Thru / Come in?


Instead of driving away with their food from the fast food drive-thru, Chinese people park their cars and bring the food back into the restaurant to eat it. WTF?

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