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Wondering If You Are Pregnant? There’s an App for That

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Yes, you read that correctly, the popular and trusted brand First Response has created an app that will let you know if you’re pregnant.

According to The Bump, the company made the big reveal at the CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, this week.

Before you start peeing on your phone, there are a few things that you need to know. The First Response app uses Bluetooth technology to sync with a Digital Pregnancy Test that are going to be sold at most major retailers sometime this year. The First Response app then can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play store or Amazon App Store.


The Digital Pregnancy Test apparently looks very similar to the pee stick that you’re used to. However, instead of waiting to see one or two lines on the stick, you can look at your app.

While you wait for the results the app will give you three options to make the time pass: “Calm Me,” Educate Me” or “Entertain Me.” Once the test has been processed the app will send out an alert that reads, “Result Ready.”

If you’re worried about others accessing your results, you don’t have to be, the results can only be seen by putting in a security code.

Although it is amazing how far technology has come, it seems like this new test is a little unnecessary. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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