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10 Things You Can Do Every Day To Live a Better Life

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If you’re living an unhappy life, there could be a ton of contributing factors. You could be living an unhealthy lifestyle, you could have just gone through a breakup, or you could have lost a loved one. You might just be fed up with everything, but you can easily take back some control.

Here are a few things that you can add to your routine in order to improve your everyday life.

1. Make a to-do list. Seeing your goals in writing will inspire you to stick to them, no matter how big or small.



2. Plank. It might sound weird, but if you’re looking to improve your physical health and increase your strength, working on your core is a great place to start.



3. Stretch your neck. If you sit in a chair all day for work, or if you are constantly running around, chances are that you are carrying a lot of stress in your neck. This simple daily practice will help you relax.



4. Stay productive. It will keep your mind active and help propel you down the road to success.



5. Do a claw stretch. Every few hours, make your hand into a claw-like shape to avoid cramps that won’t do you any favors if you work on a computer all day.



6. Get your heart pumping. Doing high knees will help you elevate your heart rate, even if you’re working with limited space.



7. Stretch your ankles and feet. This one sounds odd, but if you have to be on your feet every day, do ankle and foot stretches to relieve pressure.



8. Laugh. It’s amazing how easy it is to go through an entire work day without laughing. Slip a funny video in there or joke around with coworkers to elevate your mood and relieve built-up stress.



9. Squat. Squatting is heralded as the king of compound exercises. You don’t have to use as much weight as this guy, but body-weight squats work so many muscles in your body. You’ll be on the path to physical prowess in no time!



10. Close your eyes and massage your temples. It will refresh tired eyes, especially if you are staring at a computer screen all day. Do this once every hour or so.


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