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Wine Lovers Beware: A Global Shortage Is Underway (DETAILS)

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Unfortunately for wine connoisseurs, a global shortage of wine has just surfaced in the U.S. It’s time to stock up those cabinets because supplies may be limited.

Industry experts predict that in the next year,  wine production from these regions is expected to drop 14 percent compared to 2017 due to weather-related issues in Europe have been “catastrophic for wine-growing regions throughout Spain, Italy and France, which produce more than half the world’s wine,” according to a report released by CNN.

Despite popular belief, not everyone in the wine industry believes in this theory.

In California, where the devastating wildfires destroyed many residential areas— leaving people in dire straits — the majority of the vineyards were spared. As Gladys Horiuchi, spokesperson for The Wine Institute, puts it:

“Not to downplay the individual loss, [but] 11 wineries out of the 1,200 wineries in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino were burned down.

“Other wineries that had some damage are still operational. These three counties produce 12 percent of California’s wine grapes … the other 88 percent of the grapes in other regions were unaffected.”  

Even in the areas that were highly affected by the wildfire,  Horiuchi added, 90 percent of the grapes were already harvested.

“While there may be a longer-term effect as damaged vineyards return to production, the wine business is accustomed to cyclical ups and downs,” Leslie Sbrocco, wine expert and author of “The Simple & Savvy Wine Guide” told TODAY Food. “Some years production is higher than others and that creates a surplus. We may see the surplus decrease but overall, I would not expect large price increases.”

Although it will be more difficult to find authentic wine, there is still enough affordable wine to satisfy everyone’s needs.

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