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KFC Only Follows 11 People On Twitter And The Reason Why Is Hilarious

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Many die-hard Twitter users spend the majority of their free time searching through Twitter posts and following their favorite accounts.

One of everyone’s favorite account (ranging in 1.24 million followers) KFC, only follows 11 people on Twitter. Now, 11 is a pretty random number to consider, but here is the exact reason why.

According to Lori Eberenz, a spokesperson for KFC’s parent company Yum, the 11 followers represents the herbs and spices on Twitter. She says:

“The Colonel was the ultimate salesman. Taking inspiration from him, we thought, ‘Why not follow 11 herbs and spices on Twitter and see if anyone notices.'”

Naturally, everyone on Twitter had their mind-blown by this discovery:

Much to everyone’s surprise, the 11 herbs and spices has been an ongoing tradition. The “tagline has been with KFC since virtually the beginning, when Colonel Harland Sanders initially served food to visitors at his service station diner in Kentucky in the 1930s. The final 11 were settled on by 1940 and the recipe has long been a closely-guarded secret ever since.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind: who is the mastermind behind this tactic? Eberenz admitted that “the idea was hatched” by “our digital team along with our creative agency, Wieden+Kennedy.”

Evidently, this is a clever move for this fast food favorite!

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