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Adorable Little Boy Trembles with Excitement After Earning Dessert

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Whether your child’s a picky eater, getting them to eat a well-balanced meal can be a pain.

A little boy starts to shake with excitement when he’s told that he’s getting dessert.
An adorable video shows the boy named Ben opening his eyes wide with excitement when he hears that he has a sweet treat coming his way.


As he sits in a high chair wearing a dinosaur shirt waiting for dessert to be served he claps his hands and visibly trembles out of excitement.

“Ben, what are you getting? Are you getting dessert?” his mom says from behind the camera.
When his brother puts down a cup of vanilla-chocolate swirl pudding in front of Ben, he’s almost shaking too much to hold his spoon.

He quickly focuses and takes a big bite of pudding, getting some of it on his face in the process.
He continues to scoop spoonfuls of the treat into his mouth with a look of immense satisfaction on his face.
The video was filmed on September 22 in an unspecified location in the U.S.

But for those kids who become official members of the “clean plate club,” there’s a special reward that comes in the form of a sugary-sweet treat also known as dessert. If I’m being honest, the promise off dessert still makes my eyes grow huge. And when dinner comes to an end for this little guy, he totally loses it at the prospect of something sweet.

The way he shakes is hilarious!




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