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10 Simple Cooking Hacks To Make Life Easier

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As adults, we know how long it takes to make a well-rounded meal in the kitchen. How did mom and dad make it look so easy when we were kids?!

Spending hours cooking can be fatiguing, which is why it’d be helpful to know a few simple tricks to make the process go by faster. That’s where these 14 epic hacks come in — get ready to save tons of time in the kitchen!

#1. Grill Bacon in a Waffle Maker


Stop dodging flying grease! Close the lid for two and a half minutes, open it, move the bacon around and heat for another two and a half minutes. Boom: perfect bacon in just five minutes.

#2. Pancakes in a plastic bag


Never have pancake batter all over the place again. Just mix all the ingredients in a plastic bag, cut a corner, and squeeze out what you need.

#3. Save Your Fresh Herbs


Have a bunch of leftover basil? Put it in a small jar of olive oil and make an herb-infused variety.

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