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Woman Claims She’s 50 years old, but Looks 20

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A woman from North Carolina claims to have found the Fountain of youth…and it’s apparently a lot easier than you might think.

Laura Gordon, believe it or not, is 48. She could easily be mistaken for someone 28.


This fitness guru says the reason she’s in such good shape is due to nothing more than hard work in the gym and eating right.

She has a perfect six-pack and a firm butt, and perhaps unsurprisingly, has 451,000 followers on Instagram.


She says she’s never worked in fitness professionally, but treats it like a second job.

“I’m not a fitness professional or fitness model, and I’ve never done anything fitness for a career,” she says.


“I don’t love working out. It’s like a job. Being fit is your paycheck and the workout is the difficult job to do.”

She says she was 23 when she first started really exercising. After working in an office for years and spending all of her free time sitting on the sofa, she felt things start to sag.


In order to shore up some of these increasing issues, she began doing home fitness DVDs. Since then, she’s been dedicated to it. The longest she’s ever taken a break from her self-assigned duties was a week.

While she doesn’t have children, she is married and says that her 38-year-old husband sometimes gets “worried” about her rising fame.


She’s invested in her own gym equipment because she didn’t want to mess with the drive to the gym.

So, what’s her secret? Three one-hour sessions of weight training every week. One upper body, one lower, and one mixed. Then she does five sessions of video workouts. Piece of cake, right?


She stresses that nutrition is vital as well; eating only plain, whole foods. She says she doesn’t eat processed food.

She does say, however, that it doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”. She just prefers to avoid junk food.


“When friends and relatives see me, they always say, “you’re so lucky you’re thin and can eat whatever you want.”

“I explain that I eat healthy food all the time. That’s why I’m not fat. Please don’t call me ‘lucky’ for making daily sacrifices that you’re not making.”


She says that none of her photos are doctored, and that she doesn’t use any specialty products or supplements.

She set up an Instagram account after she saw that companies and sites were using her pictures without permission to falsely promote their products.


“All over Instagram, I saw my glute and leg photos that went viral…and this was at the age of 45! This was quite a shock to me. My photos were everywhere, but when I searched my name, nothing came up.”

“Thousands of people were re-posting my photos, but not a single person gave my name or said that I was in my mid-forties.”


“It’s very important to me that people don’t use my photos to trick people into buying their nonsense. ‘Fit teas’ don’t make a person fit. Hard work and eating right does.”

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