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Notril Hair Extensions? Yes. They are Real

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OK, so we had been on board with people using brows. We weren’t fazed by lips. Heck, even booty glitter was something we’d try on a dare. But gentlemen and ladies, we all need to talk about hair extensions.

An Instagram article that was first spotted by Allure now has the Internet somewhat fearful and confused. That’s because a user called GretChen Chen adorned her nostrils with curled fake lashes, and suddenly a trend has been born.

This is the wearable of 2017’s beauty trends, GretChen said. As stated by the trendsetter, “I just feel it’s boring to get hair extensions on a usual place.”

I do love any cosmetics enthusiast’s desire to acquire a little wild now and then though this design comes from nowhere. Beauty junkies, if you don’t give a f*ck and you’re proud, let the world know that you are doing you . I will likely rock this look on my next Tinder date to reveal prospective boos that “I’m not like other girls.”

On a purely aesthetic note, the falsies are gorgeous to begin with. Looping the “extensions” in a ring is somewhat hypnotizing and gives off a cool optical illusion effect.

Sure, this is not the style we hoped for, but perhaps it’s the one 2017. If you want to stone some day, or nostril hair extensions this Halloween, do it.

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