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Is This Show Pink or Teal? Social Media in Heated Debate

Color Changing Shoe Vans
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Social networking is exploding right now after a Facebook user by the name of Nicole Coulthard shared a photograph of a shoe with a group called “Girlsmouth”. She remarked together with the pic, “Okay girls, my friend has just sent me this asking what color the shoe is? I’d say light white and pink, but she insists its light blue and gray. What do you think?”

Do you recall that that gold vs blue dress from 2015 that had folks everywhere battling We now have 2017’s variant of the “what color is that?”

Some view the shoe as grey with teal trim, while others see the shoe as pink with white trimming. “I see white and pink, and it drives me bonkers when the majority of people view grey and teal said Nicole.”

Coulthard told Metro that her friend had bought the shoes a couple of weeks back and sent a photo to her mother. “She texted back saying they’re pink, but when she looked closer at the pic she seen blue also,” Coulthard said. “She show them to me and I am convinved they’re pink. After a major debate, and explaining I knew they were pink because I purchased pink shoes, I chose to put this up onto Girlsmouth.”

Today the argument has spread into other social networking platforms and people are going mad over the shifting colors of this shoe!

Following 2015’s apparel disagreement–where a few observed a rough photograph of a dress being gold and white, and many others viewed it as blue and black–scientists and specialists chose to assist out the public. In accordance with University of Washington colour vision researcher Dr. Jay Neitz, PhD, the entire item was chalked up into a theory referred to as “color constancy.” The white and pink footwear, such as the gown, has been photographed under lighting, and this lighting may be the reason for the color shift people are seeing.

One Twitter consumer Jessica Pitocchi discovered an image of this shoe online through the retailer Vans in which the shoe is only sold in PINK and WHITE.

So…does this mean that the debate is finished?

If anything, the shoe along with the apparel just affirm the notion that everybody’s reality could just be a tiny bit different.

What color are you seeing? Let us know in the comments!

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