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Photo of Girl Admiring Female Referee is Inspiring Social Media

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“Her hair is like mine..”

A little girl named Clara has gone viral for her admiration of a grown woman doing her job. Romper reports that Clara’s dad, Nathan, snapped this photo on Saturday or his kid looking completely enamored with a female referee at a soccer game, and it’s adorable:


On Saturday afternoon, according to Scary Mommy, Twitter user and father Nathan Walker, tweeted out a photo of his daughter at a soccer game. And while it’s, of course, nice to see any family out enjoying some quality time together, this particular photo is truly something special. Why? Because Walker’s daughter, 4-year-old Clara, wasn’t just admiring the referee for doing their job. No, Clara was admiring the referee because she was a female and she looked like her. Clearly, something Clara wasn’t used to seeing.

While it’s disappointing that it’s taken so long for little Clara to see a strong female working as a referee, it’s pretty inspiring that her father was able to capture the moment his daughter realized that she, too, could be a referee if she so pleases.

The sweet snapshot immediately struck a chord, receiving more than 4000 retweets, 18,000 likes and 100 responses – including many from prominent sporting figures.

“Thank you for sharing, representation is truly important!” one user wrote. “Isn’t it great to be able to tell her, ‘Yes, you can!’?” another added.

Speaking with Scary Mommy, the West Yorkshire dad said Clara usually names the referees as her favourite soccer figures because “black is her favourite colour”. “But they really were yesterday as it was the first time she had noticed a women official.” Clara’s moment of inspiration has warmed hearts all over the world, but it’s her dad who’s really been getting a kick out of the response. “Not going to lie, daughter doesn’t understand the impact her pic has had,” he tweeted. “But retweets … from the likes of [BBC sports reporter] Jacqui Oatley and [US wrestler] Titus O’Neil mean loads to me!”

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