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The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2016 (VIDEO)

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Which Super Bowl 50 commercial stuck with you?


A funny conversation between comedian T.J. Miller and the Shock Top “orange guy” tap scored an A, especially among men.


Snickers had one of the most anticipated airings, with Willem Dafoe standing in for Marilyn Monroe in the iconic white dress.

Carter said this one scored a B-minus, but she applauded the spot overall because people are going to remember that this was a Snickers ad.


Intuit Quickbooks got a D grade for a spot which featured a small business called Death Wish Coffee.

The coffee maker won an online contest sponsored by Intuit to feature a small business in a 30-second Super Bowl ad.

“Nobody got it,” said Carter, calling it a great promotion that didn’t have a “clear tie-in.”


Here are some more of the most memorable ads…

Star comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen teamed up for a highly-anticipated Bud Lightad that featured a cameo by Paul Rudd.


T-Mobile got Steve Harvey to poke some more fun at himself for his infamous Miss Universe gaffe.


#PuppyMonkeyBaby, brought to us by Mountain Dew, was probably the social media winner, and it’s already been watched on YouTube almost 10 million times.


Doritos has a history of stellar Super Bowl ads and this one – featuring a dad crunching loudly during his pregnant wife’s ultrasound – had a lot of people talking.

Some said it was a little gross, though.


Topping most of the “worst ads” lists was this spot which centered around opioid-induced constipation…


… and this one for a drug called Xifaxan featuring a cartoon intestine.

What Was your favorite Superbowl commercial?  Share with us in the comments below.

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