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Google CEO Has A New Top Priority – Hamburger Emojis

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While the rest of the world was pondering on which Trump associate will suffer indictment charges, Twitter was having a field day with one particular emoji – a hamburger.

The crazed obsession all started when Thomas Baekdal drew attention to the rather unusual construction of Google’s cheeseburger emoji:

If you take a good look at the position of the ingredients, you will notice that Apple’s ordering of the lettuce is formulated  as a mechanism for preventing the lower bun from getting nasty/soggy. It’s the same approach taken by the In-N-Out chain . 

On the other hand, Google’s positioning of the cheese is -in a way- defying both culinary physics and good taste, resulting in a very doughy, soggy mess.

The certain placement has been such a big deal lately that even Google CEO Sundar Pichai took notice and vowed to literally “drop everything” and address on Monday if people could agree on what the correct ordering should be moving forward.

He tweeted:

Hopefully, the world can come to some type of agreement in this process.



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