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Elderly Man Wins Break Dancing Battle

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Age is nothing but a number, or so it seems in this epic video of a dance battle to end all dance battles. One elderly man with serious chops decides he can show a thing or two to his younger competitor. They start out by shaking hands and it seems the crowd nor the young man really know what’s in store for them.

The unnamed elderly gentleman starts out with simple moves, sliding along the floor and popping and locking. He then taps his opponent on the shoulder signaling it’s his turn to show what he’s got. The younger man certainly has some sick moves, but the grandpa doesn’t even wait until the younger man is finished before he cuts in, slowly at first, before taking the battle to another level. It’s then that the younger man realizes he’s been beat and backs off to let the old man do what he’s clearly born to do. Eventually, another competitor comes forward and the old man is happy to go for another round.

Clearly, with some things, we do get better with age.

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