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A Young Girl and The Internet’s Hilarious Memes

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When the photo of a young girl holding an owl was posted on Reddit, the strange (but objectively funny) image was sure to cause an uproar.

In the image of an unnamed girl, the disgruntled youngster hilariously props a stately owl high above her head. The child’s demeanor screams, “Mom, why are you making me do this!?” As the Internet is known to do, the viral image has lead to many, many parodies as Photoshopper’s from all over poke fun at the unsuspecting child and her debonair sidekick.

One of the first to arrive on the scene was Thor:


And then the Statue of Liberty:


Harriet Potter and her loyal owl companion:


“Let’s ride!”


Perhaps the most frightening version depicts the Owl Queen:


Evil has just taken over the playground:


The dark-side of the owl girl (she use to look so harmless):


This is just creepy…


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