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972 Penguins Just Broke a Guiness World Record

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Almost 1,000 students, alumni and community members at Youngstown State University broke the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as penguins in Tressel Training Website and the Watson.

The event, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of YSU aimed to unite everybody else, alumni, employees and students in the Greater Youngstown community.

Its goal was attained by YSU with 972 penguins waddling across the WATTS Center. Following the entrance, the Penguins awakened Fifth Avenue in the YSU Homecoming Parade.

“It’s definitely exciting to be a part of something not done before,” said Kayla Theisler, mechanical engineering student.


Rebecca Potkanowicz, college Woo Crew Student Activities Association worker member and YSU student, said that she could hardly contain her excitement after penguins lined up to be depended on.

“This is one of the greatest things I have ever done and also to top it off it’s the end of my old,” she explained. Fellow engineering student, Pui Chan, said events like this record-breaking one leave him miserable to be in his this past year . “It only makes me always pleased for a ‘guin,” consented student Joey Hays. Potkanowicz reported over half of the penguins were alumni.

“I simply can’t believe so many members of this community came out,” she explained. “Honestly, we are only going to continue expanding this group of alumni with everyone’s future kids coming to this wonderful university we predict YSU.”

“I am just so pleased everyone came here to break the world record together,” said college President Jim Tressel.

University Student Affairs associate vice president, Eddie Howard, echoed the opinion of Tressel.

The former record was attained by Richard House Children’s Hospice (UK) at The Scoop, More London, London, United Kingdom, such as Guinness World Records Day, Nov. 12, 2015, with 624 penguins.

The England hospice achieved the album, beating its own previously set record three occasions before YSU‘s achievement, as stated by the guinnessworldrecords.com.

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